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Multy-Day Tournament
For some ladders, it is nearly impossible to finish tournaments in a single day. Therefore, this option is available for T.D.'s who wish to hold a tournament over the span of several days. The tournament is still officially listed as only being a one day event, however, rather than all the round times being posted on the main page, the T.D. has the ability to enter a date and time for every single match on the standings page. Therefore, he can space the matches out over several days or weeks by entering the match times. All T.D.'s are responsible for notifying the players of when their next matches will take place. If a player fails to show for their next match, they must be forfeited from the tournament. If a player cannot make the date and time scheduled by the T.D., he/she is responsible for contacting both the T.D. and the opponent to reschedule a new time to compete.