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Ladderbux Help -- "No entry fee; Ladderbux to top finishers"
A tournament of this type requires no entry fee to the competitors. Ladderbux will be given to all the competitors who make it to the final two (2) rounds. (Due to the new feature allowing tournaments to be created with three or four teams competing per match rather than the standard two teams per match, the number of players remaining in the final two rounds is dependent on the "Teams Competing per Match" setting. For instance, a tournament with a setting of 2 Teams Competing per Match always has four teams remaining in the final two rounds. However, in a tournament with 3 Teams Competing per Match, 1 vs 1 vs 1, there would be nine teams remaining in the final two rounds.)

The amount of Ladderbux given to the top finishers in the tournament is directly related to the number of players competing in the tournament. One Ladderbux will be given as a prize for every player competing in the tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive 50% of the total Ladderbux. 30% will be devided up amongst the rest of the finalists, and 20% will be devided up amongst all the semi-finalists.


100 players sign up for a 1 vs 1 type tournament.
1st Place: 50 Ladderbux
2nd Place: 30 Ladderbux
3rd and 4th Place: 10 Ladderbux each

Total of 100 Ladderbux in prizes.

The system will handle all the assignments and calculations of Ladderbux automatically. Do not worry about figuring out the complicated math of Ladderbux assignments as the system will handle all of this automatically.